VE Log GmbH - Intelligente Lösungen schaffen dauerhafte Werte

Intelligente Lösungen
schaffen dauerhafte Werte

    Intelligente Lösungenschaffen dauerhafte Werte



    We develop construction projects

    We are one of the leading full-service-partner in range of railway construction in Germany. With a big Portfolio at construction equipment we realize ventures national and abroad. VE-Log is a young company and documents each year a superior growth.

    This is not the only cause for perfect career assumptions.

    Our sphere of competence build the whole spectrum of earthwork: range from venture development, accomplishment and documentation of construction projects till the technical, mercantile and juristic field.

    Comprehensive development possibility are given by us in every direction.



    VE-Log GmbH
    Sperberweg 15
    D-91056 Erlangen

    Telefon: 09131 75 15-10
    Telefax: 09131 75 15-44