Full-Service provider for conventional track construction

We are your reliable partner for the production, delivery and installation of track-construction materials in Germany and abroad.

With our mobile processing equipment we can produce ballast and trackbed layer material from new and used materials close to the construction site. We offer a cost-effective alternative to high transport costs and we promote the careful use of natural resources – according to the motto “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle”. For trackbed renewal we work almost exclusively with our special high-speed dozers and tractors with dump trucks, as these are much gentler to the ground surface than lorries.

We offer mineral mixtures of all kinds. Of course we also produce material specially tailored to client specifications or the guidelines of Deutsche Bahn AG.

... have extensive knowledge of soil replacement, subgrade improvement and complete ballast renewal
... can make you a non-binding offer specifically for your construction site
... remove old gravel and soil
... recycle old gravel
... dispose of old gravel and soil
... establish the subgrade
... supply the necessary new materials in different grain sizes (frost-protection, trackbed layers and track ballast)
... rebuild the various layers of trackbed
... hand over the completed ballast layer to the client