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Specialist Disposal

We offer you individual and comprehensive support in all questions relating to waste disposal. We seek solutions that are both environmentally friendly and affordable.
VE-Log is an annually inspected, certified waste management company according to §56 of the German recycling law. We assure constantly high quality. We currently recycle around 500,000 tonnes of mineral waste per year or arrange for it to be disposed of in an orderly manner. We work out individually tailored remediation and disposal solutions for your construction site, from excavation, loading and transport to the environmentally friendly recycling of the residual materials. Thanks to a dense network of disposal possibilities, we are in a position to dispose of your waste throughout Germany locally and with low transport costs.

We transport and dispose of…

... contaminated railway construction materials (track ballast, ballast cleaning material, railway sleepers, excavated soil, etc.)
... contaminated and uncontaminated soil, building rubble and other demolition waste
... industrial waste such as slag, foundry sand, filter dust and ash.
... road construction debris – both with and without tar


Backfilling of the former Haid sand pit in Hallerndorf

Since the end of 2016, VE-Log has been backfilling the disused Haid sand pit east of Adelsdorf in Bavaria. This enables us to accept uncontanimated excavated material as backfill.

Scope of services:

  • Deliveries of excavated soil without foreign material in accordance with Bavarian Z0 stipulations
  • Annual deliveries of at least 250,000 tonnes
  • Able to receive material year-round
  • Easily accessible via the A3 motorway (Höchstadt Ost exit) and the B470 major road
  • Opening hours and prices by arrangement

Required documents: Declaration analyses according to the Bavarian environmental regulations and declaration of responsible party.


Hazardous waste – electronic waste records procedure

You have hazardous waste and have never heard of the electronic waste records procedure? We can take this problem off your hands. As the authorized representative of the waste producer, we handle the complete verification process for you, including the electronic signatures and the necessary coordination with the responsible authorities.


Other services at a glance:

  • Preparation of waste-disposal certificates, provision of handover certificates, client-oriented preparation of disposal lists
  • Development of remediation and disposal solutions for contaminated sites
  • Development of new recycling sites (e.g. recultivation of clay pits)
  • Provision of a qualified waste manager in accordance with Recycling Management Act § 59
  • Creation of waste-management solutions
  • Transport permits in compliance with Recycling Management Act § 53 and 54


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