Loading Technology

The demands on loading technology are particularly high in track and road construction. With tight construction schedules, 100 percent availability is vital for success.

Our innovative and wide range of equipment enables us to react at short notice and ensure a continuous loading process.

Our specialists are in an ideal position to select the right equipment to handle the quantity of material in the time required.

Our specialists are qualified in the railway and waste disposal sectors. Their training enables them to respond quickly and independently in complex and stressful situations.

Crawler excavator/wheel excavator

We can deploy crawler excavators with an operational weight from 1 to 63 tonnes and bucket sizes from 1.3m³ to 3.4m³ to load all types of railway wagons, lorries and dumpers.

For excavation needs, our wheel excavators have a bucket size from 0.2m³ to 1.3m³.

All our equipment has attachments such as buckets and grabs of various sizes, as well as plate compactors, hammers, pulverizers, sorting grabs, etc.